Wednesday, April 11, 2007

They're called Illinois...

but they're from my home state of Pennsylvania. Even more specifically, they're from Central Bucks county, which is where Rich & I got married! Pink is from there too, actually. And Justin Guarini. Haha. How embarrassing.

Anyway, don't ask why they're called Illinois b/c I have no clue, but this indie band from right near where I grew up is pretty darn good. Lots of people at SXSW last month thought so too, if you worry about any geographical biases affecting my recommendations.

In honor of a) the fact that Rich is in Sweden this week making the title timely for me and b) the fact that it's just a great song, check out "Alone Again". I like it a ton just the way it is, but during the instrumental sections, I also keep half-expecting to hear it turn into a Fort Minor song or to hear Jay-Z or Eminem start spitting. I guess I think a quality hip-hop remix of it might turn out very cool too.

P.S. No, they don't sound anything like Sufjan Stevens, but I loved his mesmerizing Illinoise as well.


arik said...

Seriously? These guys are from cutesy B&B country? Who would have thunk it. Good stuff indeed.

Oh, and congrats on the new blog! It already looks far better than my own 3 failing attempts at blogging. Don't even try to look them up, I've deleted them all. Yes, they were that bad.

r-few said...

haha -- well, they're not from New Hope precisely (right where all those B&Bs were), but they're from the general area -- def. suburbia! Wild, huh?

I want to see your 3 blog attempts!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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