Monday, March 9, 2009

This is the Mayer I Dig

found it courtesy of his blog - went on to see if he had a response to Timberlake's impression on Jimmy Fallon (he did not). Still kills me that dude is so talented given what a DB he is.

His note on it was: "Took a break from setting up the studio space and jammed a bit. There's something I love about playing with just drums because it gives me the harmonic freedom to go wherever I like. And whenever Steve and I see each other and there's a drum kit and a guitar rig around, this is how we say hello to one another. For the playas: I'm using a '52 Tele through a Fender Princeton. No pedals."

Justin Timberlake with the Roots on Fallon

because Timberlake's Mayer and McDonald impressions are spot on...

U2 Comes to Fordham!

Keating looking beautiful in the early AM
U2 takes the stage

I considered not going. I teach Thursday nights, and I'm usually exhausted Friday mornings so getting up at 5:30 am was not sounding so pleasant. Now, though, I can't believe I ever thought I might not go. What a wonderful event for Fordham. The short (6-song) show, though outside, felt really intimate, and I have to say U2 sounded amazing even in a more stripped-down show than I've ever seen them in before. I'm used to their shows being a huge spectacle, but they can truly entertain without all the special effects and hype. Bono's voice was a little hoarse, but other than that, the band sounded as tight as ever. I love the voice of Edge's guitar. The new album is growing on me; I like the more "new" 2nd half of the album better than the first half that sounds more like what they've done before. I had "Magnificent" in my head all weekend.

The whole morning also ended up being a fantastic bonding adventure for some other junior Mgmt profs and me. Days after, I am still beaming with pride at all the great publicity the school got. That was the best Friday morning I've had in a long while.

GMA U2 interview at Fordham:

Slow Jamming the News

This rocks. The Roots are the best thing about Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Sing it, Tariq!