Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daby Toure

Rich and I checked out his show at Joe's Pub earlier this month, and it was beautiful. It was a rainy Saturday night, and I don't think they announced it very early, so the place wasn't packed. It really should have been. This is my favorite song of his - "Banta" (he actually jovially made us all stand up and turned it into a sing-along even though I really have no idea what the actual words are). Maybe someday I'll learn how to finger pick it out. :) Not all of his songs are as quiet as this one - the guy actually jams (and turns his guitar into a conga)! He mixes elements of his native West African style with Western jazz and pop, and the result is very cool... if he got enough publicity, I think he could become pretty popular here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kanye West & His Spaceship: The Musical

Kanye West & His Spaceship: The Musical (my title for the Glow in the Dark tour) was definitely memorable. Special effects were very cool, his stamina was impressive, as was the seamless integration of all his song into a narrative. I still can't decide how I felt about the 5 minute lecture we at MSG got at the end of his show (esp. since the night after us got Jay-Z instead), or the fact that he wouldn't share the stage with a single other animate being. But, I can't deny the face that I seriously enjoy Kanye's talent and music. Lupe Fiasco was very good too, and N.E.R.D. was fun (go Pharrell for bringing up Diggy Simmons to dance onstage - RUN'S HOUSE in the house).

It was also cool to hear Esthero's voice as the voice of the spaceship.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Learning guitar is HARD!! I knew it was before, but I didn't have full appreciation until now. Right now, I can barely strum through the main chords in Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls and am working on finger picking with Dust in the Wind by Kansas. I still can't change chords so quickly without screwing up the rhythm, but I'm getting better slowly by surely, thanks to my great teacher - and time & practice (never enough of either). My fingernails are gone. My fingertips are hardening. Don't think I'll ever be a guitar heroine, but hopefully I'll be competent enough at some point...

Sorry I've Been Gone So Long

I don't know where the past two months have gone. I've been so busy with working on the new apartment, playing with the new puppy, trying to play the new guitar... I don't know how I haven't managed to post a thing.

More coming soon...