Monday, March 9, 2009

U2 Comes to Fordham!

Keating looking beautiful in the early AM
U2 takes the stage

I considered not going. I teach Thursday nights, and I'm usually exhausted Friday mornings so getting up at 5:30 am was not sounding so pleasant. Now, though, I can't believe I ever thought I might not go. What a wonderful event for Fordham. The short (6-song) show, though outside, felt really intimate, and I have to say U2 sounded amazing even in a more stripped-down show than I've ever seen them in before. I'm used to their shows being a huge spectacle, but they can truly entertain without all the special effects and hype. Bono's voice was a little hoarse, but other than that, the band sounded as tight as ever. I love the voice of Edge's guitar. The new album is growing on me; I like the more "new" 2nd half of the album better than the first half that sounds more like what they've done before. I had "Magnificent" in my head all weekend.

The whole morning also ended up being a fantastic bonding adventure for some other junior Mgmt profs and me. Days after, I am still beaming with pride at all the great publicity the school got. That was the best Friday morning I've had in a long while.

GMA U2 interview at Fordham:

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