Monday, March 9, 2009

This is the Mayer I Dig

found it courtesy of his blog - went on to see if he had a response to Timberlake's impression on Jimmy Fallon (he did not). Still kills me that dude is so talented given what a DB he is.

His note on it was: "Took a break from setting up the studio space and jammed a bit. There's something I love about playing with just drums because it gives me the harmonic freedom to go wherever I like. And whenever Steve and I see each other and there's a drum kit and a guitar rig around, this is how we say hello to one another. For the playas: I'm using a '52 Tele through a Fender Princeton. No pedals."

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Maynard said...

Say what you want about him, but the guy can play his butt off. I'm not the biggest fan but this is a great find.