Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Surprisingly Entertaining American Idol Country Week

First off, how lovely is Martina McBride?!?!?

Living in Manhattan where you don't hear much of it, I sometimes forget that I like country music. Sure, there's plenty of awful country music - but there's plenty of awful music in every genre. And when country is good, it can be great. Martina McBride was right on. The best country music is master storytelling - telling believable stories and telling them with heart. There is something simple and true and pure about great country music -- and great country artists. And, as I'm pushing my way into a crowded subway car full of seemingly perpetually irritated, and often smelly, strangers, being transported to open, country air through a simple melody might be really helpful. Maybe a little more country music is exactly what my NYC Qi could use for balance.

So, the show. I love Bonnie Raitt. I love the song "Something To Talk About". Sanjaya's stated goal was to do Bonnie Raitt justice!? Are you KIDDING me!? Watching that song get completely destroyed was perhaps the most painful American Idol viewing experience of the season for me - and believe me there has been plenty of competition for that crown. Why did you give him clearance to do it, Bonnie, why?! I am praying that Sanjaya will go this week. Though I'm starting to worry that he's going to win the whole thing, which I am also starting to admit would be as hilarious as it would be unfairly tragic.

Real quick notes on the others. Melinda was as awesome as always. She looked great, too. Phil Stacey, yes, surprisingly decent. I agree - he's bound for country music. Chris Richardson's Rascal Flatts song was extremely disappointing. I don't even like him, but I thought he'd do better than that this week. Blake - polished and seemingly secure in himself as always --- but his persona is starting to really annoy me. I start to feel sick when I watch him at times. I don't know why, exactly. It's like he's trying too hard or something. I like his songs better if I don't look at him while I'm listening. Jordin's performance - though not perfect - had goosebump moments of greatness. I think she's my favorite right now because besides being able to sing, she's young, yet mature, and she takes risks. I like that. She's probably really really annoying in person though. And, finally, I felt so badly for Lakisha. She tried to put herself out there and sing something she truly connected to, but it just wasn't good. It wasn't the right song for her. I wanted it to be good, but it wasn't. Oh well. Hopefully she'll get a next week.

Now check out one of my favorite country songs ever:


arik said...

Yay! An American Idol post!
Now I can admit that my last blog was DEVOTED to the show. As I was polishing my posts, however, the whole thing unfolded and, well, made any attempt to seriously critic the show a bit silly. I deserted my blog, but joined the millions who vote for Sanjaya (which I did 4 times last night).

Not that it matters, but Jordan and Whatshername-wait-um-Melinda (a bad sign) were the best last night. I always thought that Country week was a vicious ploy by the producers to get rid of one of the black contestants (how did Simon put it - it's like eating a burger for breakfast?), but these divas proved they are versatile. Surprisingly, it will probably be self proclaimed country-boy Chris who will get the boot. Too bad, as he was the last hot thing on the show. Oh, well, there's always Sanjaya.

arik said...

Boy, was I off about AI results or what? I'm telling you, me and blogging just don't go together!