Thursday, April 12, 2007

ADIOS, Legs!!!

Yes, I watch American Idol along with the rest of the country, apparently including Jenny-from-the-Block & "her husband". I'm not as into it the past couple seasons as I was in the beginning, but DVR makes it much less taxing to watch. Esp. on the results shows where they fill time with so much crap. Last night, I wish I HAD fast forwarded through that horrendous group performance of "Bailamos". Didn't anyone else notice how out of tune it sounded??? The whole thing was just a mess - botched arrangement or something in addition to the pitch problems. My friend Jeremy's beloved Enrique Iglesias must have had a stroke if he too watches Idol. ANYWAY... there was one perfectly *in tune* moment on the show last night, and that would be when Ryan announced that we don't have to listen to Haley Scarnato's bad elevator music vocals any longer. FINALLY!!! Sorry, Haley, much as you would like to work the sex appeal-trumps-talent music career strategy, your legs - lovely as they are - don't amount to no J-Lo. They do, however, give me a good reason to link to a sample of one of the funkiest songs about legs ever and for that I'll be eternally grateful:


p.s. Thank you to Blake for reminding me what a good song Mr. J-Lo's "I Need to Know" is. That there is a mighty catchy one.

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Jeremy said...

Don't call me out for being an Enrique fan