Friday, April 13, 2007

Soulive - playing NYC tonight & new album

I first heard Soulive a few years ago at one of those scheduled-for-2 am JazzFest shows that Rich & I have now decided we're to old & lame to handle (thank you Scott for dragging us there late night that year!). This band can JAM and through a bunch of different genres, too: funk, soul, jazz, latin, hip-hop, R&B, a little pop and rock at times. Basically, if some groove can be found in it, they're down. Instrumentally, they are one of the most consistently tight bands I've ever seen. Eric Krasno & both the Evans brothers are just solid. If your head isn't nodding at one of their shows, you might not be human (or hearing). I especially love the drummer, Alan (shown in the pic). There might be some kind of correlation between how big your hair is and the quality of your stick skills, since my other fav drummer also sports an awesome 'fro. Hmm... maybe there's a new research study for me. Ha. Does anyone know if Erykah Badu can drum? Actually, maybe I just really like huge 'fros. My favorite Soulive guest vocalist, Reggie Watts is yet another with larger-than-life hair.

Which brings me to some potentially disappointing Soulive news, actually. This new album (7/31/07 release date), No Place Like Soul, features the vocalist Toussaint who has apparently become a full-time member of the band... and while Toussaint is fine(I like his reggae band!)... from the few new tracks I have heard thus far, I think his influence makes the band's sound just a tinge too sunny (that reggae influence maybe). I like Soulive better with slightly more hard-edged soul & NYC swagger (Reggie!!). But have a listen and you decide... hopefully when the whole album comes out, I'll decide I was wrong.

Of the Myspace new tracks, I like "Outrage" (pure instrumental) & "Comfort" the best (they're the groovier ones naturally).

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