Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good for Brightening a Rainy Day: The Pipettes

Last month I dragged Rich to an Amy Winehouse show. Amy Winehouse was quite the spectacle live - at the time, I actually wrote about it to JShep, who posted part of my mini-dissertation about it on her blog.

Thank god for the Pipettes (the openers), who were as intriguing as Winehouse, only sober and full of spunk and sass and Shangri-La moves. Rich, with his British appreciation for irony, found them "endlessly entertaining". They kept his blackberry in his pocket while we waited for Winehouse. Haha. I think Pitchfork describes them as "post-retro" - that's a perfect description. You have to see them live to fully appreciate them (they are better live/as performers than on recordings), but check them out on myspace if you don't know them already.

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arik said...

Happy Bop Pop me! Thank god you're back, R-Few - I thought we lost you to the forces of hip-hop and R&B for good...

And speaking of songs that brighten one's day, the song that's been doing this to me recently is Les Fatals Picards' "L'amour a la Francaise". The song will represent France in this year's Eurovision Song Contest next month, and will fail miserabley, you just watch. But that's OK. You can find it here:

P.S. Don't you just love it when people use your blog to promote their own musical agendas?