Friday, April 20, 2007

Stephen Marley - Mind Control

I don't smoke, but I'm all about these joints... "Inna di Red" (ft. Ben Harper), "Hey Baby" (ft. Mos Def), title track "Mind Control", "Let Her Dance", "Traffic Jam" (ft. Damian Marley), "Chase Dem". The bulk of Stephen Marley's debut solo album Mind Control is really good stuff, actually. It's worth buying the whole album -- easily enjoyed straight through from beginning to end & perfect for playing at parties through the warmer months (and it's finally sunny and warm-ish here in NYC!).

I first fell in love with this guy's voice on Erykah Badu's track "In Love with You". Until now, he's never done a solo thing -- he's been working in music for years though -- with his brothers, people like Ms. Badu & Eve, producing, ... so you probably know his music without realizing it.

Sometimes on this new record of his, his vocals eerily channel his father's voice. And yet, this music is most definitely his own -- it's *modern* reggae full of lots of current influences. And oh, yeah, it's not all mellow either -- there are definitely some dance tracks too ("Traffic Jam", "Let Her Dance"). Anyway, check it out.

And check this YouTube for an acoustic version of "Inna di Red":

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