Saturday, April 14, 2007

Random Josh Rouse Posts

Today I'm in the mood to give a random Josh Rouse plug --because he's a really quality singer-songwriter but not that commercially recognized, and the man deserves more popularity. My favorite song of his is "Winter in the Hamptons" -- it's a really delicate mix of two invented subgenres Rich & I call "whiny white boy music" (e.g., Howie Day) & "happy bop bop music" (e.g., Tahiti 80). Now, that's a hard combo to pull off, but this song does it well.

While searching for an MP3 posting of the studio version of "Winter in the Hamptons" elsewhere in the blogosphere, to my surprise I discovered that another music blogger felt a very similar random-josh-rouse-posting urge just a few weeks ago! And Cronhauer's version on his Your Moment of Zen blog is way more thoughtful than mine. So check it out for his insightful two cents on Josh Rouse & for his mp3s! Thanks Cronhauer!

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cronhauer said...

Thanks for the shout out. Your blog is great. Keep up the good work.