Saturday, April 28, 2007

Countdown to Our Trip to New Orleans JazzFest

This weekend I'm in Ann Arbor, celebrating my sister's ascendance to "master" status. Go Bec! We're having lots of fun, but in terms of music, all I've really heard while out thus far has been Fergalicious from a jukebox (groan) and the like. It's okay... this weekend is all about my awesome sis, and next weekend is all about MUSIC. Let the countdown begin to our trip to the second weekend of JazzFest!

JazzFest is perhaps my most favorite event in the world, in one of my most favorite places. And we didn't make it last year, so I'm getting even more giddy than usual just thinking about it. All kinds of amazing music of all different genres, almost 24 hours a day, all over the city (way beyond just the fairgrounds)... I CAN'T WAIT.

I just started studying the grids for the fairgrounds schedules and the nightclubs. The goal is always to try to see as many artists/bands as possible in every 24 hour period there, while still leaving time for just enough sleep & food to keep Rich from committing me to an institution for OCD (I am prone to get a little scary compulsive with our daily music itineraries during JazzFest -- I prefer to call it ambitious...) .
It helps that the food is so good, of course... I was just reading Adam Duritz's JazzFest food favs and it's true... how can I mind taking set breaks when it's for Central Grocery's muffalettas? Brunch at Mother's? Crawfish Monica at the fairgrounds? For the record, I also completely agree with him that it's all about the iced teas and strawberry lemonade during the day -- save the Abitas for the night or else you might not see night!!!!

All right, time to watch Bubba drop wisdom to the UMich grads and remind me what a president is supposed to sound like on a podium.

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