Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Albums: Maroon 5 & The National

I've been waiting for these 2 albums to be released for a while now... haven't listened enough yet to firmly evaluate - but so far, I'm disappointed by the M5 (why should it surprise me that it's overproduced?) It's not bad or anything -- much of it is instantly catchy... which is kind of what scares me. I'm a little weary of it being too immediately accessible and then getting really stale really fast. I always liked the live versions of Songs About Jane better (they sounded much more alternative/rock live... they're actually all talented musicians - esp. James Valentine on guitar)... and, anyway, this album is more commercial pop than the last album. I'm sure it makes sense from a business perspective to go this route, but I'm not looking forward to even more shrieking teenage girls at their concerts.
As for The National's Boxer... so far, I gotta just say it's wonderful. I've been trying to pinpoint their musical influences - there are many, and they tease you with their subtlety (the best kind). This seems to be an album (unlike the new Maroon 5) that is not going to grow old fast... (or ever?). Anyone have extra tickets to any of their sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom next week?

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