Thursday, May 17, 2007

Betty Davis: An Original Funk/Soul Diva in Reissues

This woman has been rocking my computer speakers all day long. Please go check out the reissues of her self-titled album & They Say I'm Different.
I guess it should come as no surprise that her personal story (good summary via Seattle Weekly)is pretty darn interesting too... once married to Miles Davis (she was probably the influence that sparked his Bitches Brew stage), around 1980 she just disappeared ... though plenty of other fierce women in music owe her a lot (Madonna, Kelis, Macy Gray, even Lauryn Hill, amongst others...haha, even Melinda Doolittle - I always liked the gritty Melinda best - better for her career that she got cut from American Idol anyway, btw).
Betty Davis MP3s available via Pitchfork

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