Wednesday, November 7, 2007

See, Husband? It's Not Just Me! Our Brains Want to Dance

Here's a link for more on that and other cool info from what neuroscientist/music producer Daniel Levitin has been learning about "our brains on music". On that page, look for the link to the audio of WNYC Soundcheck interviewing him.

Today, my brain is loving dancing to this while I push through(continue to push through...) my mounds of work. I keep going back and forth between this and Yo-Yo Ma. Two geniuses.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...

OK OK I get it. I still think Sinatra had it right.

the ice chewer said...

Hi there,

This article about the science of music reminded me of the following article about the politics of music. Maybe it will interest some R-Few readers out there: