Monday, September 22, 2008

Since The IceChewer Misses Me

I will blog, even though I feel out of it music-wise these days. Thank you for missing me, Ice Chewer!

I feel like I have a new life these days - I've been busy trying to find my own rhythms within it. People keep calling me Professor, and I'm always rushing around trying to get prepped for my classes. Any free time I have lately has gone to trying to train our puppy Jasmine (wish I had more time to do that). This is what my days sound/feel like:

I had to put my guitar lessons on hiatus because I have no time to practice. But I will! I will! Things already feel better compared to two weeks ago.

My one major break of the semester comes this weekend, when Rich and I are going to the Austin City Limits music festival. Should reawaken the always-searching-for-great-new-music nerd in me...

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