Monday, September 22, 2008

Nas, The World is Yours ft. Ahmad Jamal Sample

I think it was a week ago or so that I heard an NPR interview of Ahmad Jamal. Dude is 78 years old and still rules the keys live regularly (and has a new album). It was so funny, the guy from Soundcheck was asking him what he thinks about hip hop in general and hip hop sampling his music in particular (jazz piano). He kind of dodged the question saying there is good music and there is bad music, no matter what the genre. Soundcheck played a clip from Nas's classic song "The World is Yours" (from his album Illmatic), and then asked Jamal if that song was "good music". Jamal said something like "Well, he [Nas] chose a great song to sample [I Love Music]" but when pushed on whether he liked the song in particular, he was like "No Comment". For real??? I love Ahmad Jamal's music, and I also love a lot of Nas's music. I was so surprised to hear that Jamal doesn't like "The World is Yours" -- I love that song and love the way the sample was used! Wonder if he's just bitter b/c apparently he has lawsuits out about properly compensating him for sampling...

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