Monday, September 22, 2008

Joshua Radin's New Album Simple Times

I love Joshua Radin's first album, We Were Here. Now his second album is out, and for some reason, I'm a little disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe my life is too busy these days for his elegant simplicity? I still recommend it, but Simple Times is just a little too sweet for me right now. I am going to listen to it more, and I feel almost guilty that I tend to latch on more easily to music that is just a shade or two darker. Radin deserves to be happy and write happy, carefree songs.

This criticism is especially weird from me since I bet a lot of people would say I can come across as "too sweet/happy".

I do love the song featured live below, "They Bring Me to You" - careful, it tingles.

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the ice chewer said...

it's great that you are a happy sweet person that likes dark songs and not the opposite.

Happy that the blog is back!