Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's Okay, Fellow Obama Supporters

Since music is political even (maybe especially?) when it's not at all explicitly so (see this if you need further convincing), I hope you'll forgive me for hijacking this music blog for a quick political comment. The NH election is on my mind, and for anyone who's curious about how I've made sense of the surprise results, I wanted to direct you to my reply to my friend Julianne's (different) reaction.

p.s. in explicitly musical AND political news, I love that Obama digs Jay-Z & his great American Gangster album (he's just like me! ;) ).

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rich said...

I totally agree. Even Obama is not as worked up as some of his supporters. Hilary v. Obama will make them both better candidates, and is a good thing for both the party and the country. Think about it: we're going to get either a woman or an African-American presidential candidate with a very good chance of winning! Its a great start to the century.