Thursday, January 10, 2008

American Boy - Estelle Feat. Kanye West

Check out this song posted on Kanye's blog. Estelle is the first artist John Legend (Stephens) signed to his new label, Homeschool Records.

I really dig this song. It's Will.I.Am produced (which makes it more pop crossover than typical hip hop or soul) and is the perfect combo of 80s/Euro pop sound (happy bop bop for RMW & Arik), jazzy/funky vocal styling, amusing/catchy lyrics (from both Kanye & Estelle actually)... just a really cool concoction of influences from probably every talented person involved (Estelle herself, John Legend, Will.I.Am, and Kanye at the least). I don't always like Will.I.Am stuff so much b/c some of it gets really boring in its commerciality. When he gets it right, though, he gets it really right, and this one's a hit for sure.

UPDATE: You can download a copy of this song here, thanks to!

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Anonymous said...

im da first 1 2 leeve a comment yey lol erm... really good song from Adele n kanye