Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fela! And Unborn Baby & Music - Thanks to IceChewer

R-FEW talking to The Ice Chewer on FB:

R-FEW: I'm sorry - since being pregnant (yep, a little one coming in March!), I haven't had any time to blog. I saw Fela! when it was off-broadway, though, and really enjoyed it. The music is amazing (Antibalas definitely helps with that), and with Bill T. Jones, you know the movement is cool too. Did you see it?

ICE CHEWER: Did not see it yet. Just saw the interview of Jones on Colbert. You have a good excuse to take a break. But once the baby is born, you will have the joy of blogging about baby music.

R-FEW: Cool article! I've already had to shift what I've been playing a bit. The baby kicks a lot with anything overly loud/cacophonous. I worry that the kicks might be in protest, so I generally just switch. :(

ICE CHEWER: It's not protest. It's dancing. Btw, what you just wrote can make a great R-few post.


the ice chewer said...

Cool. Now is the time for more exciting baby music blogging!

arik said...

Congrats, R-Few! So good to see you blogging again. Since moving to SF I have no idea what's hot or not. The city is lovely and all, but also very myopic. Today, for example, we took a look at some condo in Hayes Valley, and the brochure described the neighborhood as having "Soho-style art galleries", as if it were still the 70s. So keep on blogging - you're our source of updated information here in the Wild West... Speaking of which, what *must* we do/see when visiting NYC later this month?

the ice chewer said...

I agree with @ Arik
Keep on blogging!