Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things We Can No Longer Say

The band They Might Be Giants forbids the usage of the following phrases. Ha! My own additions are at the end -- repeat offenders I know well will remain nameless ;) (you know who you are, and I do love you anyway...).

too much information
off the hook
that's what (s)he said
my bad
game changer
that's how we roll
I can't work under these conditions
playing the (whatever) card
throw under the bus
drinking the kool-aid
phone tag
don't go there
it's all good
it is what it is
talk to the hand
think outside the box
off the reservation
oh no you didn't
I threw up a little in my mouth
one hundred and ten percent
no worries*
jumped the shark
voted off the island
(anything) on acid
(anything) from hell
(anything) on steroids
literally (unless it's actually used properly)

Of course the list itself is now on the list.

*No worries enjoys a unique “workplace dispensation” where it can be used with a co-worker to help decompress a work situation.

My additions:
beats a sharp stick in the eye
whatever used as an exclamation(or whatev, or even worse... whatevs)
at the end of the day
the net-net is...
for real
open the kimono (I absolutely DETEST this one)
double-click on

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