Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sam Sparro "Black & Gold"

Arik sent me this with the following note: "Hey, Here's someone who I think will do a 'Scissor Sisters' - i.e., an American artist who's huge everywhere but the US - what with the flashy clothes, lisping and all... A great song, though..."

It really IS a great song - I actually like this SS's music better than most of the Scissor Sisters' music. (I know they are the queens of performance though).

For the record, I did a little research and this guy's actually not American by birth - he's an Aussie, but he's spent a lot of time in Los Angeles. He's like D'Angelo soul (listen to "Cottonmouth") meets Prince funk and gender play meets Hot Chip hipster electronic/pop. I actually disagree about the US prediction -- this has a much better shot of being big in the clubs here than the Scissor Sisters every will, b/c of the funk/hipster edginess.


Sam Sparro - Black & Gold - Watch the best video clips here


the ice chewer said...

Just for the record: whenever Arik notices an artist, that artist becomes huge!!!!

arik said...

Aww... Icechewer, that's awfuly sweet of you. I can say the same about you. Well, not about music maybe (Israeli Bosa Nova? C'mon!) but you have a knack for identifying inspirational political figures when everybody else believes that "No we can't."

As for music - I could take a few lessons from this very blogger - keep them coming, R-Few!