Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol Loves RMW

Haha, he's away so I could actually watch tonight. Here's my quick 2 cents - this probably isn't going to come out in the right order.

Michael Johns: He was sadly flat through much of the song. The judges let him off easy.

Jason Castro: Ehh. Judges were right; the song was lame. He wasn't as bad as they said, but he wasn't so great either.

Luke Menard: I pretty much hate it when anyone on A.I. sings anything by Queen. Blegh.

Robbie Carrico: Solid voice and performance. I was thinking that Simon would be all over him this week after the bit about Robbie's drag racing, given that Simon is into racing (or least pretended to be with Anderson Cooper).

David Hernandez: Yeah. He got soul.

Chikezie: Ditto! (I love that American Idol (e.g., Ruben Studdard, Elliot Yamin) seems to be on a mission to repopularize Donny Hathaway)

Danny Noriega: He's ok. Can still do better. He must be seriously gorgeous in drag.

Jason Yeager: Poor guy. He's just way too corny, even for American Idol. And not talented enough. He's not good at those instruments he was playing either. SELF-TAUGHT. Um, ok. Self-taught and AVERAGE.

David Cook: Word to my fellow word nerd. Good vocab is hot. And, yeah, he could be on pop radio as a pop rocker. Not my fav, but he'll do ok probably.

David Archuleta: Little Kevin Arnold was great. I dug the arrangement, and it's surprising how well he could pull that off. That could probably be released as a single. Still, the aww shucks routine (don't leave me here alone on stage with all these swooning girls, Ryan!) is starting to get annoying. You know you're thinking it too.

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