Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Wanted to Love Sara Bareilles...

Really, I did. Rolling Stone called her "Fiona Apple-on-Prozac". I read that and worried but was mildly intrigued. And then leaving the Nickel Creek/Fiona, I heard a Fiona fan absolutely raving about Sara Bareilles. So I listened... and listened... but, I'm sorry, I just don't find the Fiona comparisons appropriate at all. I honestly think she sounds more like an improved Amy Grant for the 21st century. And I just personally never really liked Amy Grant. She's got a clear, good voice, and yeah, she might do very well on pop radio/with teenage chick fans (hence the tour pairing with Maroon 5). I do truly dig her song, "Vegas". "Come Round Soon" and "Bottle It Up" are okay, and "Love Song" grows on you. Still, though, this album comes off as processed Soulveeta. A few steps away from the real cheese. No offense, KRAFT.

I prefer KT Tunstall or Toby Lightman for this niche. And please just don't even mention Fiona.

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