Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Get Common's Finding Forever

As Julianne predicted, I love Common's "Drivin' Me Wild" ft. Lily Allen (& Kanye production). I love the end where she soulfully belts it out for a quick sec too (have I never heard her sing quite like that?).

Actually, I really like the new Common album Finding Forever as a whole. I don't have too many complaints - I'm a fan. Good beats, good lyrics, good samples (Nina Simone!), good hooks, good messages ... I can't be mad about much. It's nice to hear D'Angelo again (been too long). Bilal (yeah Philly soul!) sounds as great as he did on Clipse's "Nightmares". I actually wish itunes had digital liner notes... I want to know what more of the samples are, who more of the featured singers are.

Anyway, so the big question is... Is Finding Forever better than Be??? I don't know. I still love Be.

I think Finding Forever is probably more radio/single-friendly - Kanye's mark seems a little bit stronger on this one. Still, it's clearly another Common album (not Kanye's beats/samples or guest artists featuring Common). Finding Forever has more diversity in sound/tone -- I know a lot of people hate on Be, saying it gets too monotonous or whatever for them. I actually like its cohesiveness - you listen to it as an entire album, not so much as singles - when you're in a certain mood or want to be put in the Be mood. But I am enjoying Finding Forever a lot too, and I think it works either as a whole listening session OR a few singles. So, I don't have a clear favorite - at least not yet. Ask me again in a few months.

p.s. I can't get enough of Common's dad's deep, wise voice -- I feel like if I could crawl into it and hang out long enough, I'd come out a butterfly or something.

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Yuval said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really like the blog and that I'm going to check out some of the recommendations.