Monday, June 11, 2007

We Did It! 2007 Lake Placid Half Marathon

I'm hoping that one of the event photographers managed to snap a quality pic of Rich & me and Jeremy & Shoko cruising through the Lake Placid Half Marathon this past Sunday, because we all rocked it. Ladies & gentlemen, Rich & I are living proof that this whole training business works. 10 weeks ago we were wiped out after only 6 miles & yesterday, we ran (well, jogged) over twice that (13.1 miles to be exact) ... and it was actually fun! Even without my IPod shuffle! (They said no electronic devices... what!? I didn't even know if my legs would keep moving without tunes in my ears... but I had good non-musical company yesterday, and the time/miles actually flew by.)

Go us!

BTW, those are ski jumps - not massive water slides - in this pic of Lake Placid. Seeing those things up close, I gotta say ski jumpers are one brave breed.... or just, um, ... insane?

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