Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Julianne Shepherd = Another Awesome Music Writer

Hit up VIBE for her clear window into the making of Keyshia Cole's video "Let It Go" (ft. Missy Elliott) - you'll feel like you were there. And I personally can't wait for her autobiographical movie coming out.

my fav quotes:
K.C.: "It's easier to be yourself than try to make up somebody. A lot easier."
M.E.: "...My main thing is to get the girls dancing, cause once you get the girls dancing the guys will always follow. When I go in the clubs now, the records are so hard it's like even the girls are like, [barks] 'THROW YA HANDS UP!' People ain't really havin fun with it no more, so that's my main thing - trying to get people back in the club."


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