Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adele at Highline Ballroom June 11, 2008

She played for just under an hour, leaving everyone wanting more of that voice... wow, is this one talented. Every bit of power, alternating warmth and edginess in tone, and perfect pitch (and pitch bending) that you hear on her album sounds, if anything, even *more* flawless live. I know all her lyrics, but she actually shut me up last night. (and if you know me and my involuntary tendency to sing as much as possible, you'll understand what a feat that is). I just was commanded to focus all my energy on listening.

I can't wait for Adele to develop further as a songwriter and as an artist. At only just barely 20, she's got such a long career ahead of her!

p.s. she was pretty adorable in terms of stage presence - she kept saying (as on this clip) how nervous she was -- but then would just belt out these songs. I didn't hear any wobbliness in her voice whatsoever, so I can't imagine what her voice sounds like NOT nervous. She also was so cute in her responses to the crowds' cheers... she would be all serious into the song, and then, see someone cheering (or recognize someone), and this huge genuine grin would melt her face, and then she'd be back to intense focus -- all the while her voice never once betraying any distractions. I found it so charming - she just looked like she was thrilled to be performing for us.

p.p.s She said she was apartment shopping in Brooklyn! :)

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