Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Bro-In-Law Requests

Mario's "Go" worth the long wait? Well, it's a good album. I'm not jumping up and down, though, and you know I'm very capable of that kind of response to new music. There are definitely some very good songs (esp. "Music For Love"), but none tops "Kryptonite", the clear standout track, which I've already been listening to for months and months now.

Mario has a very strong voice. When I listen to all the songs as a unit, though, I get really bored.

Also, someone decided he needed to sex himself up a lot on this one to compete with R. Kelly and Akon. "Let Me Watch" doesn't really add anything to this album. I love "I Wanna [Love] You" and "Freaky in the Club" in spite of their lyrics - it's not just that I'm a self-respecting female. Mario is just much better* when he's going for old-school, inspirational ballad R. Kelly (as in "Do Right") than when he's aiming for (um, ok, probable) sex-offender R. Kelly. Ironically, Akon produced "Do Right". Someone's got to fill that niche now that R. Kelly's left it behind.

*Ok, ok, "Go" - another kinky track on this album - is hot. I think we can thank the Neptunes.

Must buys - and these sound even better when you don't listen to them as part of the album overall:
1. Kryptonite
2. Music for Love
3. Do Right (this will do well on pop radio - moms will dig it)
4. Go (produced by the Neptunes)

Other memorable songs:
5. Crying Out For Me (but you know that)
6. Skippin'
7. How Do I Breathe (the first single, but I don't know... I go back & forth on this one. This song bores me.)
8. No Definition (Timbaland produced - not Tim's best, but it's ok)
9. Right and a Wrong Way (good cover of Keith Sweat)

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