Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sorry it has been so long since I posted... I don't know where the past 2 weeks have gone. I was out of town for part of it, saying goodbye to dear friends/newlyweds, saying welcome to my sister who just moved to NYC and started her first "real" job, visiting with a childhood friend who was in town briefly, and, of course, manically working on my dissertation study.

Since this is a mostly music blog, what has been musically notable (haha that's almost a bad pun) in my life in the past couple weeks?
1. A fun impromptu "DJ Charlie & Me" set late night Sat/Sun. We pulled our gracious little audience back through time via such gems as "Put It In Your Mouth", "Informer", "Push It", "California Love", "It Takes Two" & "Poison" ... we also had some crowd members tragically attempting to replicate the MC Hammer dance, the Kid N Play, NKOTB's Hanging Tough video ... (okay, okay... me included)
2. I have been trying really hard to love the new Kelly Clarkson album, but I would say I like 1/3 of it. (I still love Kelly regardless).
3. I have been effortlessly loving the new Patrick Wolf album, The Magic Position & a lot of the new Spoon album. Patrick Wolf's new album is kind of like Sufjan Stevens meets Tahiti 80, with a heavy spot of New Wave. And I was never a huge Duran Duran/Depeche Mode (the vocals were too melodramatically damp in my ear or something), but I really love this Patrick Wolf album. There are parts that definitely border happy bop bop, so maybe even my dear husband will like it (check out "Get Lost" & the title track). Listen to "The Underdog" and "Finer Feelings" from Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - you'll want the whole album.

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arik said...

Ah, glad to see you back.
Here in Minnie, people are still not over Prince's concert and after party at the legendery First Avenue club last weekend. We couldn't get a ticket to any of the gigs, but went to an earlier show at First Avenue on that very night just to get the vibe. Har Mar Superstar - another local legend, if on a very different scale - was playing, but the best thing about that show were the huge windows facing the Target Center (where many thousnads of purple wearing people were waiting for the doors to open to see the artist previously referred to as a symbole).
At 35, that's what I call a fun Saturday night.